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Redesign of Infiniti Jewels, coming soon!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Infiniti Jewels / A JL Client

Infiniti Jewels was our very first client when we were setting up shop back in the mid-pandemic, chaos- and uncertainty-filled fall of 2020. The brand, which operates in the ultra luxury fine jewellery segment out of Singapore, had acquired a strong and loyal customer base, but was struggling to establish brand awareness. As a family business with more than three decades of experience in the industry, it saw the potential for expanding beyond physical retail and was looking to grow as an international brand through social- and e-commerce channels.

The brief

However, launching internationally is easier said than done and to ensure effectiveness, Infiniti Jewels first needed to develop a brand strategy.

The objective was to leverage established brand heritage and equity, while identifying its competitive edge, to build a brand that not only resonates with consumers but that can effectively and sustainably carry it on the international market.

Our process

Operating as part of the internal team, overseeing brand, marketing and communications, we systematically built up the brand through two separate workstreams focusing on short-term impact and long-term sustainable growth.

Brand analysis

Before any project start, we always take our clients through an extensive brand analysis journey. The purpose of this process is twofold; on the one hand it’s to gain a clear understanding of the current situation from both an internal and external perspective, considering every aspect affecting the brand and its performance. On the other hand, it’s to gain a solid understanding of where the brand is going and what the future objectives are. This part of the process is not always as straight-forward as clients think, and more often than not we see how top management/brands go through a sense of self-reflection and identify new areas of interest that perhaps weren’t there before, or at least not formalised.

Methodology: Qualitative and quantitative research, coupled with external market analysis.

Outcome: Shift in positioning from selling a product to offering products as a means to building and nurturing stronger relationships, with and on behalf of its customers

Brand repositioning (long-term)

Refining the proposition according to conclusions in the brand analysis

Developing an internal identity and communication guidelines

Rebranding, looking to retain key equities while repositioning Infiniti as a modern luxury brand for the South-East Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Identification of creative partner (market-leading creative agency specialising in premium brands and jewellery clients include Faberge, Bucheron, Corum, YSL, etc.) and management of project from beginning to end.

Internal capabilities and processes (short-term)

Team hiring and training

Implementation of standardised processes aimed at making marketing and brand management easier, more efficient and effective

Art direction and training of external partners and freelancers

Content strategy and planning

Creation of guidelines for brand, marketing, photography, communication and social media

So, what have been the results? After 1 year of collaboration we have achieved:

Significant increase in sales and fully booked showroom, despite challenging economic conditions following severe Covid-19 regulations

Increased brand recall (icon) and associations with luxury, celebration, status and connections

+100% increase in social media following and 10,000% increase in likes

Having said that, measuring results takes time and we can’t wait to further report on the more tangible results of these efforts.

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