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Proudly working with the enablers of change

ImpactGuru / A JL Client

A brief Introduction to the industry

Crowdfunding is an alternative financing method which, in recent years, has gained significant momentum thanks to its reach, versatility and effectiveness. As the method has become more reliable and channels more formalised, popularity across the world has picked up pace with notable players such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter leading the way.

The Indian market is no different and has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past few years. Boosted by the pandemic, companies achieved 4x growth in a matter of months. A plethora of strong competitors have successfully entered and flourished in this space, targeting different causes ranging from start-up funding and personal financing to social causes or medical treatments.

In short you can say that crowdfunding is all about enabling people to achieve their goals, no matter what they may be, by using the power of community and network, and amplifying it with technology. Let’s just stop and appreciate how beautiful that message is. So, needless to say we were over the moon when ImpactGuru approached us to help amplify the brand and streamline processes.

About ImpactGuru

ImpactGuru is India’s #1 medical crowdfunding platform, having supported 5,00,000+ individuals and organisations. Focusing on creating impact and changing lives, the platform has raised over INR 150 CR ($20,000,000) through various initiatives like “FeedMyCity”, in an attempt to provide homemade meals to the poor and #IndiafightsSMA to fight Spinal Muscle Atrophy in young children.

The brief

Having been operational for just over five years, the team were looking for an external consultant to provide an overview of all brand touchpoints and analyse how the brand could present itself in a more cohesive and consistent manner to reinforce brand equities and perceptions.

Our process & deliverables

Over the coming couple months, we collaborated closely with the ImpactGuru team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand and the environment in which it operates. This process included interviews and workshops as well as extensive market analysis.

Following material collection, the task of our analyst team was to paint a picture of the brand to date, identify opportunities, improvement areas and ways to mitigate any weaknesses. In addition to providing the external perspective (i.e. evaluating the brand holistically and through the lens from an external agent), we delivered a comprehensive step by step action plan to help tackle/mitigate each challenge while reinforcing the brand's proposition and internal identity. Moreover, the end report also put forward several new initiatives and suggestions to help drive ImpactGuru towards top of mind recall and to create strong internal processes to pave the way for further future growth.

Working with ImpactGuru taught us as much about brands as about humility, and to be specific, how to enable both of these aspects to hand in hand reinforce brand impact.

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